Trifectiv Plus contains medical grade HOCl

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a naturally occurring product which is formed by the human white blood cells and is used by our bodies to fight infection and heal wounds. It, therefore, plays a central role in our immunity. The medical profession has for decades been trying to manufacture hypochlorous acid outside of the human body, with varying success.

The HOCl used at Trifectiv is manufactured by Thoclor Labs - their exclusive multi-step and IP-protected method produces high potency, stable & pure hypochlorous acid with no toxic residue. This medical-grade hypochlorous solution has incredibly impressive disinfection, anti-inflammatory and rapid wound healing properties and is found in our Trifectiv Plus products.

Research shows the main benefits of Trifectiv Plus are:

Strong disinfectant action against disease-forming bacteria, viruses and fungi
Reduction in inflammation (less redness, pain and swelling)
Significantly reduced healing time, up to 70% faster
Effective elimination of biofilm on contact

The antimicrobial activity of our medical range prevents infection during the healing period.

The reduction in inflammation and its specific immune response against disease-forming bacteria further support the beneficial effect of the products on wounds. Inflammation has three symptoms; redness, pain and swelling. When Trifectiv Plus Wound & Burn Care is used on a wound, all three of these symptoms are substantially reduced.

Medical grade hypochlorous acid is the active ingredient in our Trifectiv Plus range and is key in promoting healing in a variety of wound types, especially where Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) infections are prevalent.

Inflammation has four signs and symptoms;

redness, pain, heat and swelling.

When Trifectiv® Plus is used on a wound
all four inflammatory signs and symptoms
are substantially reduced.

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