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The use of hypochlorous acid in an irradiation ulcer: a case study

Radiation therapy represents an important cornerstone in the treatment of numerous cancers, as evidenced by the fact that approximately 50% of patients with cancer will receive this form of treatment. ...

The use of HOCl in the management of a deep partial thickness burn: a case study

Burn wounds are some of the most complicated injuries to manage as control of infection (including biofilm formation) is paramount to limit the depth of thermal injury. Furthermore, control of ...

Use of hypocholorous acid: an infected lower-leg wound case study

Resistance among pathogenic bacteria to standard antimicrobial agents used for chemotherapy has emerged as a major public health concern globally and is expanding at an alarming rate. The problem is ...

The use of hypochlorous acid: a burn wound case study

It is estimated that biofilms cause up to 80 per cent of wound infections, necessitating the use of antiseptics and drainage of purulent discharge. In the inflamed and infected wound, ...

Inflammation has four signs and symptoms;

redness, pain, heat and swelling.

When Trifectiv® Plus is used on a wound
all four inflammatory signs and symptoms
are substantially reduced.

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