Multiple studies have reported on the safety profile of hypochlorous acid overall. The FDA has declared HOCl as G.R.A.S., which is Generally Recognized as Safe. Medical-grade HOCl, as used in the Trifectiv Plus range, is tasteless and odourless and poses no risk of irritation or toxicity.

The Trifectiv Plus Wound & Burn Care products contain our medical-grade hypochlorous acid and are completely safe to use, even on children and during pregnancy.

HOCl Safety Certifications

Regulatory Body Rating Date
EU-EPA Approved as “Sterilizer Producing Equipment” 1998
USDA Approved as Sterilizer for E. Coli 0-157, Salmonella and various other disease-forming bacteria 1999
USA-FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)
Approved to be used to wash fruits, vegetables and seafood
Issue Number 00-03-13: 2000
Japan: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Food Sterilizer and Sanitizer June 2002
FDA-FSIS Sterilizer and sanitizer of slaughtered poultry, cattle and swine 2006
Korea-FDA - Food additive
- Sterilizing agent
November 2007
August 2008

Inflammation has four signs and symptoms;

redness, pain, heat and swelling.

When Trifectiv® Plus is used on a wound
all four inflammatory signs and symptoms
are substantially reduced.

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