Trifectiv® Plus Air Nebulising Solution is specially formulated for inhalation. The active ingredient is our non-toxic medical-grade hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Use to relieve symptoms of upper and lower respiratory tract conditions & throat, lung and nasal infections. Great for allergic rhinitis and sinus. Use as a prophylaxis or with any active infection.  

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100% Natural

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Simple to use

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Safe for all ages

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For viral, bacterial & fungal infections

How to Use

Trifectiv Plus Air nebulising fluid dosage info
  1. Adults: 5 mL per session
  2. Children: 0.5 mL per year of age per session up to a maximum of 5 mL per session
Trifectiv Plus Air nebulising fluid duration and usage info
  1. Prophylaxis: once per day
  2. Active disease or dry cough: 2-3 times per day
Trifectiv Plus Air nebulising fluid usage info
  1. Use undiluted with a modern nebuliser where the particle size is ≤ 5μm (micron). Follow the usage instructions for your nebuliser and the dosage directions above.
  2. Replace the cap on the bottle after filling the nebuliser. Close the nebuliser tank/reservoir and switch the nebuliser on. Place the facemask over your mouth and nose. Alternatively, put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your mouth over it. Switch the nebuliser on and breathe deeply through the mouth (and nose alternately if using the facemask).

Unused Trifectiv Plus Air should NOT be returned to the bottle. Only decant as much as you need each time and use any remaining liquid in the reservoir within 24 hours.

Nebuliser care and storage instructions while using Trifectiv Plus Air

Cleaning your nebuliser
We recommend running pure distilled water through the nebuliser for a couple of minutes once a week or once a month depending on how often you use the nebuliser.

De-scaling procedure for your nebuliser
We recommend regular descaling if you have been using Trifectiv Plus Air for several weeks. The solution is slightly acidic, and a slight build-up of scale can form.
Use a commercial descaling liquid or simply add 1 tsp bicarb of soda into half a litre (500 mL) of warm water and mix until the bicarb is dissolved. Fill the reservoir of the nebuliser with this mixture and leave this to stand for 30 mins. Then switch the nebuliser on as normal and run the descaling mixture through it for 5 minutes. Switch off the nebuliser and empty the tank – rinse it with clean water.
Fill with plain clean water and run the nebuliser again for 5 minutes. Empty.

Nebuliser storage
We recommend leaving the reservoir/tank empty with the lid open in between nebulising sessions so that the unit can dry. Trifectiv Plus Air should not be left in the reservoir between sessions, especially if your reservoir is made from clear plastic. The product is very light-sensitive.

Download our current package insert in ENGLISH or AFRIKAANS for offline reference.

natural healing scientifically reproduced by Trifectiv Plus

Multiple studies have reported on the safety profile of hypochlorous acid overall. The FDA has declared HOCl as G.R.A.S., which is Generally Recognised as Safe. Medical Grade HOCl, as used in the Trifectiv® Plus range is tasteless and odourless and poses no risk of irritation or toxicity.

The Trifectiv® Plus products contain our non-toxic medical-grade hypochlorous acid and are completely safe to use, even on babies, during pregnancy and when breast-feeding.


Use on all scrapes, cuts, burns and bites.
Mist onto sunburn, nappy rash, fungal infections and
many other inflammatory skin conditions.

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