About using Trifectiv Plus

About hypochlorous acid (HOCl)

Our medical-grade hypochlorous solution is a mixture containing hypochlorous acid (scientific formula: HOCl) and pure water. HOCl is a highly specialised molecule that is, under normal conditions, manufactured by the white blood cells in the human body, and which is responsible for our immunity. It is also very important in regulating the body’s inflammation process and plays a central role in wound healing. Thoclor Labs, the manufacturers of Trifectiv Plus, has developed a unique process to manufacture medical grade hypochlorous acid outside of the human body. The proprietary process does not use the usual method of electrolysing a saltwater solution, as is the common method of other manufacturers.

The result of our method is a high-concentration solution without the contaminants that result when using the salt-method.

About other disinfectants

About bacteria, pathogens, germs, viruses, fungi, moulds, spores & micro-organisms

Trifectiv Plus HOCl can successfully eradicate biofilm and is a highly effective disinfectant against bacteria, viruses, pathogens, germs, bugs, spores, algae, yeast, mould and fungi.

However, as HOCl is the body’s natural defence mechanism, it does not kill normal bacteria responsible for the physiological processes of the human body.

About toxicity, cytotoxicity, acute toxicity, chronic toxicity, genotoxicity

HOCl proved not to be toxic to animals, insects and humans. We have never tested our HOCl on animals but there are numerous published data that refer to the safety of HOCl in multiple animal studies.

Inflammation has four signs and symptoms;

redness, pain, heat and swelling.

When Trifectiv® Plus is used on a wound
all four inflammatory signs and symptoms
are substantially reduced.

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