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Burn wounds are some of the most complicated injuries to manage as control of infection (including biofilm formation) is paramount to limit the depth of thermal injury. Furthermore, control of inflammation is as important, ensuring the wound will heal expediently, with limited scarring. The standard of care in burn wound management has included dressings for control of infection, or the early excision and grafting of the wound, as the removal of damaged contaminated tissue followed by a rapid closure of the wound decreases infectious risk. Here we describe a case of a deep partial-thickness hot oil burn wound treated at home with hypochlorous acid (HOCl) moistened gauze dressings, held in place with a crepe bandage. Special reference to the importance of debridement of devitalized tissues and the control of infection and inflammation of burn wounds is illustrated. This case study also explores the use of a pure medical-grade solution of HOCl to facilitate wound healing.

Accredited for 2 Clinical CPD on Level 1 (2022)
Who should enrol?
General Practitioners, Surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Private Nurse Practitioners

Learning Outcomes
Medical professionals often have to manage complicated burns. These can easily become inflamed and infected.

Through studying this case history, clear guidelines are given on how it might be possible to manage and resolve such cases.

by: Dr. Hendrik Roos, Professor Bavesh Kana

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